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Stainless Steel Shuttle Conveyor

Stainless Steel Shuttle Conveyor
Capacity:100kg/hour, 200kg/hour, 400kg/hour,600kg/hour.
Model: AVN200, AVN300, AVN400, AVN600
Category: Conveyor machine for prepared food processing.
Price: USD3000 to USD6000 PER SET.
Supply Ability: 20 SETS PER MONTHLY
Payment Method: T/T,L/C, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal.


Stainless Steel Shuttle Conveyor, a food processing shuttle conveyor is a specialized conveyor system designed specifically for the handling and transportation of food products within a processing facility. It shares some common features with general-purpose shuttle conveyors but incorporates design elements that meet the unique requirements and hygiene standards of the food industry.


Here’s a detailed product description for a food processing shuttle conveyor:

  1. Hygienic Design: The conveyor is constructed with materials and finishes that comply with food safety standards, such as stainless steel, which is easy to clean and resistant to corrosion.
  2. Sanitary Belting: The conveyor belt is typically made of food-grade materials that are easy to sanitize and resistant to contamination. Modular plastic belts are often preferred for their cleanability and durability.
  3. Sealed Construction: The conveyor system is designed to minimize the risk of product contamination by incorporating sealed and smooth surfaces, preventing the accumulation of debris or bacteria.
  4. Adjustable Speed and Timing: The conveyor’s speed and timing can be easily adjusted to accommodate different processing requirements, ensuring gentle handling of delicate food products.
  5. Washdown Capability: Food processing shuttle conveyors are built to withstand regular cleaning processes, including high-pressure washdowns, to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness.
  6. Quick Release Mechanisms: Components such as belts and guides may feature quick-release mechanisms to facilitate easy disassembly for thorough cleaning and maintenance.
  7. Customizable Configurations: The conveyor system can be tailored to the specific needs of the food processing facility, including varying belt widths, lengths, and the incorporation of curves or inclines.
  8. Integration with Processing Equipment: The shuttle conveyor can be seamlessly integrated into food processing lines, working in conjunction with other equipment such as sorting, cutting, and packaging machines.


  • Product Transfer: Efficiently moves food products between different stages of processing, such as washing, cutting, cooking, and packaging.
  • Sorting and Distribution: Facilitates the organized movement of food items for sorting and distribution within the processing facility.
  • Bakery and Confectionery Production: Transports dough, baked goods, or confectionery products between processing steps.
  • Meat and Poultry Processing: Handles the transportation of meat and poultry products during various stages of production.
  • Hygiene-Sensitive Environments: Ideal for environments where maintaining strict hygiene standards is essential, such as in meat processing plants or facilities producing ready-to-eat foods.

A food processing shuttle conveyor plays a vital role in ensuring the efficient, hygienic, and safe movement of food products throughout the production process, contributing to the overall quality and integrity of the final food items.

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