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Automatic Tempura Batter Mixer Machine

Function: Batter grinding machine
Capacity:500kg/hour, 1000kg/hour
Model: AVN200, AVN300
Category: Batter mixing machine
Price: USD2000
Supply Ability: 20 SETS PER MONTHLY
Payment Method: T/T,L/C, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal.

Automatic Tempura Batter Mixer Machine

Tempura Batter Mixer Machine is used to produce the tempura batter, and connect with batter machine, produce prepared food aitomaticly.

I. Equipment Introduction

The DJ100-V beater thoroughly mixes pulp powder and water using a special agitator, suitable for high-viscosity pulps like tempura batter. It can be used in conjunction with other equipment to create an automatic feeding system.

II. Equipment Features

  • The lower part of the machine is equipped with four universal casters for easy mobility.
  • It uses program control to achieve a cycle of high-speed mixing, low-speed mixing, and automatic alarm after pulp usage to prevent pulp sedimentation.
  • The pulp beating is done with an upper motor to avoid damage to the motor during cleaning.
  • The bottom of the drum is inclined for convenient use and cleaning.
  • The drum body has a sandwich layer, and the pulp can be insulated by adding ice or a refrigerant (10~20°C) in the middle.
  • It is equipped with an output pulp pump that can be linked with a pulp feeder to become a pulp supply machine. It offers increased automation, convenience, and pulp viscosity of 2000~3500p.s.
  • It has reliable safety protection devices.
  • It uses Omron electrical components for safety and reliability.
  • Discharge can be done using either a pump or a manual valve for convenience.
  • Special equipment for single-layer barrel beating can be custom-made according to customer requirements.
  • The entire machine is made of stainless steel.

III. Technical Parameters

Power Voltage Weight Mix speed Volume Dimension
1.35kw 380v,50Hz 390kg 0~117rpm/ min 100L 1560×840×1750 mm

Tempura Batter Mixer Machine Tempura Batter Mixer Machine

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