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Automatic Fish Meat Finger Making Machine

Function: Fish meat finger processing.
Capacity:100kg/hour, 200kg/hour, 400kg/hour,600kg/hour,
Model: AVN200, AVN300, AVN400, AVN600
Category: Fish finger production machine line
Price: USD3000 to USD25000 PER SET.
Supply Ability: 5 SETS PER MONTHLY

Automatic Fish Meat Finger Making Machine

Automatic fish meat finger making machine is a piece of equipment designed to streamline the process of producing fish meat fingers or fish sticks. These machines are commonly used in commercial food processing facilities, such as seafood processing plants or frozen food production facilities, where large quantities of fish fingers need to be manufactured efficiently and consistently.

The key features and functions of such a machine:

  1. Feeding System: The machine typically has a feeding system that accepts raw fish meat. This can be in the form of minced fish meat or a fish paste.
  2. Mixing and Seasoning: Some machines have provisions for mixing the fish meat with various ingredients such as spices, flavorings, and binders to create a well-seasoned and cohesive mixture.
  3. Forming: The machine then shapes the mixture into fish finger shapes or sticks. This is often done by passing the mixture through molds or extruders that create the desired shape and size.
  4. Breading: After forming, the fish meat fingers may be coated in breadcrumbs or batter. Some machines have a breading station where this step is automated.
  5. Frying or Cooking: Depending on the specific machine and production process, there may be an option for frying or cooking the fish fingers. This can be done using oil or through other cooking methods like baking or steaming.
  6. Cooling and Freezing: Once cooked, the fish fingers are typically cooled and frozen to extend their shelf life. The machine may have a cooling and freezing section as part of the process.
  7. Packaging: After cooling and freezing, the fish fingers can be packaged into bags or boxes for distribution and sale. Some machines have automated packaging systems that weigh, seal, and label the product.
  8. Quality Control: Many machines have built-in quality control features, such as sensors to detect defects or irregularities in the product, ensuring that only high-quality fish fingers are packaged.
  9. Adjustability: These machines often allow for adjustments in terms of the size, shape, and recipe of the fish fingers, making them versatile for different product variations.
  10. Hygiene and Safety: Hygiene and safety features are crucial, as these machines are used in food processing. They are typically designed for easy cleaning and sanitation to meet food safety standards.
  11. Capacity: The production capacity of these machines can vary widely, from small-scale models suitable for restaurants to large industrial machines capable of producing thousands of fish fingers per hour.
  12. Automation: These machines are highly automated to reduce labor costs and ensure consistency in product quality. They can be programmed to run continuously or in batch modes.

When considering such equipment for a food processing business, it’s important to carefully evaluate the machine’s specifications, production capacity, and suitability for your specific needs. Additionally, compliance with food safety regulations and industry standards is crucial to ensure the production of safe and high-quality food products.

Automatic fish meat finger making machine capacity.

AVN200 machine line has capacity 100 kg per hour.
AVN300 machine line has capacity 200 kg per hour.
AVN400 machine line has capacity 400-500 kg per hour.
AVN600 machine line has capacity 600-1000 kg per hour.

Forming machine feature

High production yield, stable quality;
Convenient and quick product replacement: accurate quantification, effective control of production costs. Various molds are available for selection.

Uses hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical transmission, with high automation. Can automatically complete filling, molding, and output processes.
Uses lever trolley movement and bracket fixation, making equipment easy to move;
Convenient mold adjustment and replacement;
Easy and reliable pressure adjustment, easily meets product weight requirements;
Water spray device for easy de molding requirements;
Uses magnetic protection switch (safety guard), electrical interlock mechanism, and electrical conversion system, with reliable safety protection devices;
Uses Omron touch screen and CPU processor for easy operation and adjustment, enabling human-machine dialogue;
Can be connected and used with starching machines, powdering machines, and frying machines for continuous production;
The entire machine is made of stainless steel and other food-grade materials, with a novel design, reasonable structure, and reliable performance.

Details Picture of Machine

Customer & Service

We shipped the machinery to numerous countries globally, including Italy, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Australia, Indonesia, India, etc. Our machines and service have received commendations from nearly every customer, fostering repeat business.

1.Twelve months following installation (Within 13 months of delivery).
2.Complimentary advisory service prior to, during, and post-sales.
3.Supply fundamental production methods and formulations.
4.International on-site setup and personalized training for machine maintenance and operation.
5.Calibration and examination of the machinery until all components are operational before departing the manufacturing facility.

Packaging & Shipping

1.Daub coal oil on the surface of the machines.
2.Plastic film as the inner packing.
3.Train, ship of depend on clients’ requirement.


Q: What is the duration of machine warranty period?
A: Our guarantee spans one year from the commencement of operations.

Q: Are the machines made by stainless steel.
A: Yes, 304 food grade stainless steel.

Q: Can you describe the installation process?
A: We will deploy our skilled technicians to your facility to oversee the installation and commissioning tasks, providing training for your operators.

Q: If we share our factory layout, can you assist in designing the entire production line?
A: Certainly, our seasoned engineers and technical staff can aid in organizing the layout and overseeing the installation of the entire production line, tailored to your specific circumstances.

Q: What is the timeframe for your delivery?
A: Typically, it takes 7 – 10 days for stocked items, and 30 – 45 days for non-stock items, depending on the quantity.

Q: Will you provide support if issues arise during future production?
A: Absolutely, we are committed to being at your service. You can reach me through mobile, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, WeChat, and more. I will promptly address and resolve any problems you encounter.

If you are intereted in automatic fish meat finger making machine capacity., welcome your letter.

Fish finger machine working video.